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What is Erato (The Muse of Love Poetry)?

In Greek Mythology said that the Nine Muses were responsible for all manner of creative and intellectual thought that took place in Ancient Greece.
Each of the muses were responsible for one aspect of creative or intellectual thought, and Erato was the ancient muse of love poetry and songs, as well as poetry and songs about marriage. Here’s more information about who this muse is and the love poetry of muses.

Starry Night
by hija de la luna

his gaze –
starry night sky’s
soft rays.

her face
caught the night light,
such grace!

hearts tossed,
perched on the stars –
words lost ….

muse of lyric poetry
Muse of lyric poetry


Sweet Breath
by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders

Lips dance,
flirt together –

Sweet breath –
language of love
‘til death.

Hearts flared –
poetic words

muse of love poetry
Muse of love poetry


Ekphrasis 12 Line Max
by Connie Marcum Wong

I need to feel the trade winds blow
To know they have my heart in tow,

Here in the twilight of this hour
I feel the grandeur of God’s power.

The Sun, a ball of golden fire
Rises with my heart’s desire

That this New Year will offer love
As Sol begins to rise above.

How wonderful, the winter sky—
With mist filled clouds that float on by.

Sweet birds of beauty on the wing,
Portends the gifts New Year will bring.

like a painting crossword poems
Like a painting crossword poems


If I Were The One For Nicola
by Daniel Turner

If only I could make my way to Paris
To search the boulevards and rainy rues
I’d look to find my lonely heart an heiress
An Irish lass vacationing her muse

We’d find a quiet cafe’ on the Seine
Where we could sit and share a laugh or two
By candlelight we’d toast with French champagne
Pretend that we were on our honeymoon

But how could I convince her I’m the one
To make all of her fantasies come true
She knows there’s more to life than having fun
In Paris hearts get easily confused

I’d get down on one knee under the stars
Give her the paper ring off my cigar.

muse of love poetry crossword
Muse of love poetry crossword


A Friend in Deed
by John Gondolf

When darkness spreads across the land,
and storm clouds form above;
a friend will be there, outstretched hand,
and offer you their love.
They stand beside you through the dark,
and always without strings,
to help you make it ‘round the mark;
the wind beneath your wings.

Whenever doubt forms in my mind
my writing is sub-par;
with your encouragement I find
my muse becomes a star.

muse of love poetry crossword clue
Muse of love poetry crossword clue


Universal Muse
by Susan Jeavons

She is light
in dark, mysterious spaces,
integrity in immoral places .
She’s hope
in spite of uncertainty,
mercy for those with misery.
She’s an idealist
in a realm of broken dreams,
conscious of her adversary’s schemes.
She’s morality
displayed for all to see,
enlightenment to all who wish to be.
She’s time,
yesterday, today, tomorrow,
ecstasy within a world of sorrow.
She’s creation
from beginning to the end,
solitude yet society’s boisterous friend.
She’s love in a world of sin and hate.
She’s harmony;
this, the poet’s fate.

greek mythology erato poems
Greek mythology erato poems


Moonlit Peace
by craig cornish

Like fingers, lovely birch tree shadows play
on virgin snow like hands upon a sheet;
so bright the moon, it seems like light of day,
yet stars among the forest’s members peek.

And … while my love lies pleasantly at rest,
I dream awake and contemplate my muse,
enraptured by this scene on winter’s breast,
where thoughts are drawn and peacefully diffused
So now, I look upon the face of time
and all my years of life become but one.
In timelessness I feel my spirits climb,
where thoughts of love and life can laugh and run.

Like fingers, lovely birch tree shadows play
on virgin snow, like hands upon a sheet.

greek muse of love poetry 5 letters
Greek muse of love poetry 5 letters


You’re the Poem
by Silent One

If only this poetry could define,
how your presence takes me towards cloud nine.
Your touch brings sensations that feel divine,
yet, my tongue is quiet, fighting this muse of mine.

Waiting for the moment our lips can greet,
your sweet voice takes control of my heartbeat.
I sigh hallelujah, as our eyes meet,
the taste of your mouth makes my life complete.

Suddenly the pen flows like buoyant streams,
describing love that’s only seen in daydreams.
I’m just a star within universal schemes,
basking within the passion of your moonbeams.

Our love can’t be hidden in a metaphor,
you’re the poem my pen will always adore.


The Muse Of Love Poem
by Tareq Jalabi

About love i had no clue
when to yours my heart flew
but after that i knew
that love belongs to u
all poets your face drew
when writing love poems too
not knowing about you but few,
they didn`t do it as good as i do
they imagined you with a beautiful face
a calm girl with alot of grace
while you are the thunder
and its lightning
you are the storm
while hard striking
your eyes are the ocean
within i`m drowned
your lips are King Priam`s treasure
that i found
to kiss this ultimate pleasure
of flesh i would give up a pound
i know how you look
and of that i am proud
knowing we will stay together
i sleep sound


Desire LOVE Romance
by arthur vaso

All lovely words
when understood

All so misconstrued
silence envelopes our delusions

Desire, we lust the attention
at the forfeit of philosophy

Love, we crave at Kings expense
at times
Sacrificing those whom love us true
spilling blood at humanities alter

Romance, we desire for loves embrace
knowing serpents sell snake oil remedies

Beware the soft spoken
cringe when you hear words only a token

Seeking the truth, not platitude
discover love, in those that………

Breathe actions, not poetic verse


Beautiful Mysteries
by Charlie Smith

Divinity lives beyond description
Alone, a weary heart cries from its pain
Desire eager for its conscription
Might truth and love turn this way again?

Sweet mysteries, this life, in dreams of thee
Yield fantasy’s passion I dare to share
Walk from this muse, I pray to live in me
Conceding this, my love, unto your care

On lifeless shadows, cast your glowing light
Bring a blessed presence to this peace I seek
Rest too this solemn shade, this endless night
With angelic verse, but you could only speak

For seeking dreams to dream from up above
I cast my will and fate to seek your love


Summer Love Sonnet
by Daniel Turner

What’s not to love about a summer day?
Kissed by the sun, the warmth of its embrace
To feel the cleanse from sweat at work and play
While honeysuckle breezes cool my face

With hillsides blanketed in purple vetch
Magenta morning glories and light blues
Imagine all the butterflies they fetch
A scene to romance any poet’s muse

But when it gets too hot, I seek the shade
Barefoot in clover ‘neath tall sycamores
Or take a watermelon down to wade
A spring fed creek, to cool, while I explore

That evening, in the swing, I watch fireflies
Then pray I wake to see one more sunrise


Six slopes
by Quoth TheRaven

The six steep slopes they gave me..
yes, all were mine.

I can give them to you..
if you wish them.

Though they tend to be.,

Don’t wait for them to love,
or understand,
or forgive..

It’s not their way.

They serve only to light a path,
show you the way.

Discover who you are, yes,
and where you come from.

It’s what you always asked,
and all you ever prayed.

Don’t look too far forward,
they’ll make sure you’re blind..

Understand that you are all that matters
not them, not us, not time.
by Maurice Yvonne |
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The Hushed Tone Of Her Love

Lived it
Like a daydream

Floated – Befell

A note
Scented in love
She wrote.


How Blessed Am I
by Tim Smith

Sitting here in this big old lazy chair

a little smile starts to appear upon my face

Some Phil Collins music rings in the air

as the girls cuddle under warm blankets

watching the movie Tarzan.

I sit here and muse

how did I get so lucky?

why did God shine upon me?

I have such beautiful and healthy children

I have a place to lie my head

There is plenty of food to be put upon the table

There’s no other place I’d rather be instead

My heart starts beating stronger

There is warmth and love in the air

I get up and sit between them

I am so blessed to be here


My Muse Resides
by Tim Smith

I see in creases no others found
where souls seem low
and duty bound

where sparkle waits
in dreamlike states

amid anxious eyes
here her smile lies

I see in darkness under guise of moon
where beauty moves
no heart’s immune

where kindness roams
alive in poems

held deep inside
my muse resides


My Sanctuary Sonnet
by Dale Gregory Cozart

I find sanctuary in this sonnet
when as verdant hills rhymes do fall and rise
with aspens quaking in the windless skies.
One such will have blue birds flocking on it.

The trees shall be my muse and bid me write
while I in white gazebo am ensconced
with flowers vased, each color a nuance
in my lyrics, a-blush at first then white.

As I meander through a cloudless dream
the shades ever change in the wake of love.
Each line will fit my lyrics like a glove
while blue birds harmonize in morning’s gleam.

Eyes of love are each an estuary
in the sonnet of this sanctuary.


The Pompous Poet
by Nina Parmenter

“O to dwell in the past!” yearned the poet. “How nice!”
“The words of today are so coarse!”
So he wallowed in syphilis, sadness and lice,
Wrote a sonnet, then married his horse.

He sat with dear Dobbin ‘neath shimm’ring skies,
as they supped on warm ale and hard cheese,
crying “Yonder, the moon shineth o’er the rise!”
“Pray my love, fetch my quill if ye please.”

Deep into the gloaming the poet didst muse,
as the horse she fell weary and bitter,
He cried “Tarry! Thine face is the bounty I choose!”
Dobbin smiled, and then trolled him on Twitter.


The Christmas Card
by Jared Pickett

Christmas day so full of joy,
putting a smile on my face.
Inspiring your eldest boy
with love. I say grace

I am fortunate to have
a mother like you.
No matter the distance between us,
Your love will shine through.

You’ve made me what I am today.
Molded me into Asavvy man.
Being there, supporting my dreams.
Doing everything you can.

I say thank you Mom,
for all that you have done.
My muse, my backbone, my mother, I love you.
Your eldest son……


For Andrea
by Miraj Raha

In breath-taking elegance, the “Cinder Girl” walks
she was the moon once, but now a frightful dusk.

A grave message through “Fire and Ice”
mortals must learn to sacrifice.

pulsating everywhere, before the dawn of man
that is “How Poetry began.”

darkness was adorned by moon-rays bright
“Come out and play, you creatures of Night.”

The sun refused to shine, as evil shadows around them crept
That was the day, “When the Heaven and Earth wept.”

…and thus she spins her endless tales
that spreads forth in the winds and dales.
A deluge of emotions mix and blend
creating miracles,I don’t know to what end.
may almighty watch her from above
as she spreads her muse and love.


A Purple Muse in Thought
by Frederic Parker

The deep purple passion of love intoxicates
To fill life’s chalice with wondrous wonder
Nothing exists in any realm which replicates
Nor has its power to cast a heart asunder

Passion makes worlds disappear with its eyes
And can teach an empty vessel what serenity means
Its warm rich fullness can overwhelm and surprise
And can invite a poetic soul to reveal its dreams


An Angel’s Teardrop
by Jenish Somadas

My lazy muse went wandering around
When fallen into my knees, I astound
A cute lady like a coloured teardrop
Fallen from heaven an angel’s eye drop.

She sat silent on my lap, I wonder
Shy or timid, what her cute mind thunder
In bright red attire with black beauty spots
An angel’s love blot, my muse I forgot.

O lady, from the Garden of Eden
Did you come with a tweet from the heaven?
Or to tie my naughty mind on his seat
And to teach me to taste nature at least.

While my thoughts fly far away to the sky
Tiny wings blossoms, ladybird soars high.


A Soul Awakened
by Dana Smith

She is the muse to her own sorrow;
She is the digger of her grave.
She is the painter of her ocean view
and every fatal wave.

She is the shadow of her Father;
She is the darkness in your sight.
She is the night without the stars
surrounding pale moonlight.

She is the music with no words;
She is sweet love without the reason.
She is your dreamer with submission
cold by warmth with every season.

She is your pet with cold intentions;
She is your baby scared and shaken.
She is the bold and pure- the lost and found,
She is a soul awakened.


Love Letter
by Paula Lelitte

I am amazed by the power of you words,
They seep through my skin
Like ink’s aphrodisiac,
And I feel powerless to stop them,
The mere thought of your hands
Touching me makes
Atoms explode inside my chest,
As if a universe is being born,
A light sweat glistens over my form
As my eyes devour every syllable,
My heart beats to the tune you write,
With quickened breath
I feel it consuming me,
This sexual fantasy wax lyrical,
I fail, not miserably but excitedly
To control my minds dirty idiom,
Where do the thoughts of lust go?
I feel them cling to me
Begging to be made manifest,
Tonight your pen is my phallic pleasure,
Take me and make me your muse.


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